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Magic Smile B1
Photodynamic Teeth Whitening System

MagicSmileB1 Photodynamic Teeth Whitening System

  • Treatment with the MagicSmileB1 Photodynamic Teeth Whitening System can be completed easily in the comfort of your home.

  • Visible whitening effect in just 15 minutes.

  • The bleaching shade guide shows a 6-level* drop after ONE use.

  • The bleaching shade guide shows an 8-level* drop after 6 uses (once daily).

  • The bleaching shade guide shows a 10-level* drop after 7 uses (once daily).

  • To use the product safely and effectively, follow the steps described below for your teeth whitening treatment.

  • Complies with the requirement stipulated in EU directive 2011/84/EU, concerning the use and sales of teeth whitening beauty products.


*Assessment in human of the tooth whitening effect of a cosmetic treatment,

Barcelona, August 24th, 2017.



The MagicSmileB1 Blue-Ray Photodynamic Teeth Whitening System features innovative teeth whitening technology that makes use of blue light rays. In just 15 minutes, the teeth are effectively whitened.

  • Quick and effective whitening in 15 minutes

  • Mouthpiece does not need to be charged

  • Blue-Ray Photodynamic Teeth Whitening


The kit comes with:


  • Glowing mouthpiece

  • Whitening Gel (30 ml) x 1

  • Pre-treatment conditioner (15 ml) x 1

         (for use before teeth whitening)


For lasting results, please use with MagicSmileB1 Super Recharger Dental Paste Intense.

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