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MagicSmileB1 Super Recharger Dental Paste Intense

MagicSmileB1 Super Recharger Dental Paste Intense: targets the problem of discoloured teeth. Extracts of Japanese honeysuckle and other plants are used to combat stains on teeth from the very root of the stain. After completing basic cleaning, your teeth are ready to benefit from the full effectiveness of the whitening process. Continue to brush your teeth with MagicSmileB1 Super Recharger Dental Paste Intense as part of on-going care for your teeth and keep your teeth white. For a visibly whiter effect that you can see and feel!

Floral power to remove stains,
      purify and whiten,

           and replenish minerals


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Deep-cleansing that breaks down the root of stains

"Teeth-loving flowers": 3 x Japanese honeysuckle extracts, HPO3, silicon.

Breaks down and removes stains on teeth

"Stain-removal agents": bentonite, chitosan.

Freshens your breath

Natural herbal extracts.

Strengthens enamel

Natural herbal extracts, HAp whitening molecules.



Brush twice daily. Dispense an appropriate amount of dental paste to clean each tooth and the gum line thoroughly.

Sensational flavour! Enjoy a different taste and texture with a refreshing dental cleaning experience!

  • A texture with fine granules and a slightly salty taste.

  • Brush with minimal foam for an invigorating experience!

  • Surprisingly effective stain removal!



Dental paste ingredients

Japanese honeysuckle extract, chili extract, camomile extract, eugenol, cinnamon extract, mint oil,

myrrh extract, Echinacea extract, liquorice extract, root ginger extract.



Precautions for use

Only for use in oral care.
Please replace cap tightly after use to prevent product degradation caused by humidity.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- If irritation develops, discontinue use immediately. Seek medical advice or consult a doctor immediately.
- The colour, taste or smell of the product may vary. This is normal and is caused by the raw ingredients (plant extracts).

index magicsmile-2.png
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